Wound Treatment Gel Fights the Battle Against Antibacterial Resistance

Hydrogel infused with amino acid kills bacteria naturally and promotes cell growth.

Hydrogels are popular for use in skin ailments and tissue engineering. These polymer-based biocompatible materials are useful for their abilities to retain water, deliver drugs into wounds, and biodegrade. However, they are complicated to manufacture and not very resilient to external forces like rubbing against clothing, sheets, or wound dressings. They are also not inherently able to battle bacterial infections, so they are often infused with antimicrobial drugs or metal ions, which can cause antibiotic resistance and negative effects on cell growth. In a paper published April 2, 2024 in APL Materials, by AIP Publishing, researchers reported creating a hydrogel that is easier to synthesize, contains natural antibiotic properties, and promotes cell growth. The open-access article is titled “Methacrylated Gelatin Hydrogel Conjugated with Epsilon-Polylysine and Enriched with Platelet-Rich Plasma for Chronically Infected Wounds.”

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