UCSF Joins Stanford Health Care As Co-Host of Personalized Medicine World Conference (PMWC 2016) in Silicon Valley; BioQuick News Is Media Partner of Outstanding Annual Conference (Jan 24-27)

WC International, a conference leader in the field of personalized medicine, recently shared its vision for its upcoming annual conference, the Personalized Medicine World Conference, PMWC 2016, to be held January 24-27, 2016, in Silicon Valley, California. The conference is a forum that will bring together nearly 1,200 key opinion leaders and stakeholders, including researchers, clinicians, providers, and government and biotech representatives. In particular, WC International welcomed the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center (UCSF) as a first-time co-host of PMWC. “UCSF is delighted to co-host the upcoming PMWC 2016 Silicon Valley event,” said Barbara J. French, UCSF Vice Chancellor of Strategic Communications and University Relations. “Precision medicine is of critical importance to UCSF and the worldwide medical community because of its potential to transform healthcare, which aligns well with the core mission of UCSF—predictive, preventive, and precise.” Original co-host Stanford Health Care CEO Amir Dan Rubin also commented, “We are excited to have UCSF join us in this endeavor as a partner. The PMWC has always been a great forum to review the latest developments in personalized medicine which aided the advancement of Stanford’s vision of healing humanity, through science and compassion, one patient at a time.” “Among the opportunities and challenges in personalized medicine is the explosion of information being produced by sequencing and other means, and with that the requirements for innovation in computational and data management capabilities, needed to translate these data into clinical review,” said Atul Butte, M.D., Ph.D., PMWC 2016 Silicon Valley’s Program Chair and Director of UCSF’s Institute for Computational Health Sciences. This year, four visionaries will be honored: Dr.
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