TSI Licenses Exosome-Based Cancer-Treatment Patent to Wholly-Owned Subsidiary MolecuVax

On February 8, 2016, Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc., (OTC PINK: TSOI) announced that the company has licensed its exosome patent to MolecuVax, Inc. (MVAX) a wholly-owned subsidiary of Therapeutic Solutions International, Inc. (TSI) where the intellectual property owned by TSI surrounding immune-oncology is housed. The programs within MVAX include using exosomes derived from various immune cells to attack cancers, as well as developing a cancer vaccine against cancers that express a certain protein unique to them. On November 20, 2015, Therapeuric International filed a patent application titled "Exosome Mediated Innate and Adaptive Immune Stimulation for Treatment of Cancer," a patent on means of manufacturing exosomes, possessing high concentrations of proteins found on tumors, which are specifically optimized to stimulate the immune system of cancer patients as a new form of immunotherapy. "TSI is developing a range of immune-modulatory agents to target certain cancers, improve maternal and fetal health, and for overall daily well being. Licensing this technology to our subsidiary MolecuVax is an important step that will allow the invention to mature, while also furthering our other programs within OmniBiome our subsidiary focused on fetal-maternal health issues," said Timothy Dixon, CEO of TSI. "Activating one's immune system is now a well-accepted method to effectively treat certain cancers, reduce recovery time from viral or bacterial infections, and to prevent illness. On the other hand, inhibiting one's immune system is vital for reducing inflammation, autoimmune disorders, and allergic reactions," added Dr. Thomas Ichim, Director of TSI.
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