Therapeutic Solutions International (TSI) Announces Licensing of Patents to Subsidiary OmniBiome; Focus Is On Pregnancy Complications & Materno-Fetal Immunology; Iryna Dzieciuch Named OmniBiome CEO

Therapeutics Solutions International (TSI), Inc. (OTC PINK: TSOI) announced on November 18, 2015 that the company has licensed three patents to OmniBiome, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of TSI focused on fetal-maternal health, with the company's goal to assist women in the treatment or prevention of pre-term birth and pregnancy complications. The following patent applications were recently filed by TSI, the subject of recent press releases, and are now licensed to OmniBiome: Application No. 62/213260 titled "Preventative Methods and Therapeutic or Pharmaceutical Compositions for the Treatment or Prevention of Pregnancy Complications" covers utility of vaccines and various agents to alter pathological conditions in which the maternal immune system induces a process of inflammation that culminates in placental alterations leading to either fetal loss or preterm labor. Press Release of (9/8/2015); Application No. 62/219020 "Diagnostic Methods For The Assessment Of Pregnancy Complications" a cytokine-based diagnostic kit aimed at stratifying risk of pre-term labor and other pregnancy-associated complications. Press Release of 9/21/2015; Application No. 62/232722 "A Medical Device for Reducing the Risk Of Preterm-Labor And Preterm-Birth" covering various medical devices aimed at immune modulating the cervical microenvironment in order to prevent preterm labor. Press Release of 9/29/2015. "We are very excited to announce today that we have licensed intellectual property to our wholly-owned subsidiary OmniBiome. In addition, Iryna Dzieciuch (photo), M.S. has accepted the appointment as CEO of OmniBiome with the vision and motivation to dominate the space of maternal-fetal immunology by leveraging the patents which are the subject of this licensing agreement," said Timothy Dixon, President and CEO of TSI.
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