The Power of a Genetic Isolate: Hundreds of Novel Genetic Discoveries from FinnGen Study Reported in Nature

New results from the FinnGen research consortium demonstrate the undeniable benefits of Finnish health research environment for genomic research. Among the wealth of novel genetic discoveries are previously unknown genetic risk factors for many debilitating diseases. These findings have potential to facilitate the development of new therapies. Since initiation in 2017, the FinnGen study has developed into one of the world’s leading biobank-based genomic research projects. Currently FinnGen is completing the construction of a resource that integrates genomic information from 500,000 Finns with more than half a century of national health registry data.The FinnGen flagship study, just published on January 18,2023 in Nature, is a convincing demonstration of the opportunities unique to Finnish health data, population structure, legislative frameworks and biobanking organization that in combination exist nowhere else. The open-access article is titled “FinnGen Provides Genetic Insights from a Well-Phenotyped Isolated Population.”

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