SomaLogic Announces New SomaScan® 11K Platform; Expanded Menu Gives Researchers Broadest Coverage of the Proteome for Increased Discovery of Biomarkers and Drug Targets

On November 1, 2023, SomaLogic Inc., (Nasdaq:SLGC), a leader in data-driven proteomics technology, announced the launch of its high-plex proteomics platform, which provides 11,000 total protein measurements. The SomaScan 11K Platform is the largest proteomics offering available on the market. The new high-plex platform is expected to give resesarchers a considerable edge in the discovery of biomarkers and drug targets for translational medicine. Proteins make up more than 90% of all known drug targets and having a broader view of the human proteome, provided by SomaLogic’s 11K platform, gives researchers more opportunities to make unique and novel biological discoveries. The aptamer-based platform retains the previous version’s low coefficients of variation versus the 10-to-20% in antibody-based platforms. This gives researchers more accuracy with fewer, smaller samples, which is often critical in population studies with limited sample sizes.

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