Seer, Inc., Announces Publication in Nature Communications Demonstrating Performance, Scalability, and Utility of its Platform Technology for Deep, Unbiased Proteomics

On July 22, 2020, Seer, Inc. ( announced the publication in Nature Communications ( of a study demonstrating the power of its proprietary, engineered nanoparticle technology platform to discover novel proteins and biomarkers through an unprecedented combination of unbiased, deep, rapid, large-scale proteomics. The study brought together an interdisciplinary team of scientists, engineers and physicians from MIT, Harvard Medical School, Seer, and other organizations. The open-access article, entitled “Rapid, Deep and Precise Profiling of the Plasma Proteome with Multi-Nanoparticle Protein Corona,” establishes the novel technology’s ability to interrogate the plasma proteome across many orders of magnitude spanning highly abundant to rare proteins, and reproducibly capture and robustly quantify proteins in a rapid, automated workflow without the need for additional sample-processing steps. Omid Farokhzad, MD, Chief Executive Officer at Seer, commented on the significance of the findings, “Measuring the vast amount of proteomic information across many individuals, many time points, and many diseases has long been a goal of scientific and industry researchers. But, that goal has not been achievable due to the complexity of the proteome and inherent challenges in measuring it. Essentially, researchers have had to sacrifice depth of profiling either for number of proteins or for speed. As the study published today demonstrates, this is the first technology to eliminate that trade-off – and, importantly, offer an unbiased view of the proteome.” The technology described in the Nature Communications paper forms the foundation for Seer’s Proteograph™ suite of products, including reagents, instruments, and software, which the company plans to begin commercializing next year.
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