Sanofi Stresses Equity in Comments on Rare Disease Day

As the name suggests, rare diseases affect a significantly smaller population compared to more common illnesses such as heart disease or diabetes. However, when considered together, the estimated 7,000 known rare diseases collectively impact nearly 300 million people worldwide.1 With only about 5% of known rare diseases having any approved treatment,2 Rare Disease Day is a critical reminder to pursue better care for these deserving individuals. For more than 40 years, Sanofi has been a pioneer in rare disease science, innovation, and support. We have rallied our employees and resources to help those affected, along with their families and healthcare providers, who may be struggling to reach accurate diagnoses and manage their care. Despite our decades in the space and many milestones reached, we know there are still unmet needs that persist. One of those unmet needs is equity. There’s work to be done to achieve equitable representation and support, along with fair access to proper diagnoses and treatment. Historically, and even still today, people living with rare diseases have been under-represented and under-served. Driving equity for this community is imperative. For Rare Disease Day 2024, we stress why equity in rare disease is so important by outlining essential needs and illustrating ongoing efforts in critical areas such as diagnosis, innovation, access, and support. We are committed to enabling healthier futures for people living with rare diseases no matter their race, gender, age, financial circumstances or where they live in the world. (Editor's Note: Rare Disease Day at NIH will take place from 9 am to 5 pm on Thursday, February 29, and will be open for free in-person to the public and will also be livestreamed and archived at NIH Videocast.)

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