Rockefeller’s Charles M. Rice Shares Lasker-DeBakey Award for Clinical Medical Research Work for Breakthrough in Study of Hepatitis C Virus; Work by Rice and Others Leads Directly to Cure for HCV Disease: “Incredible Advance” Will Save “Millions of Lives”

Rockefeller University’s Charles M. Rice, Maurice R. and Corinne P. Greenberg Professor in Virology and Head of the Laboratory of Virology and Infectious Disease, has been honored with the 2016 Lasker-DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award, onr of the country’s most prestigious science prizes. Rice shares the award with Ralf F. W. Bartenschlager of Heidelberg University and Michael J. Sofia of Arbutus Biopharma. The three researchers are being recognized for developing a system to study the replication of the virus that causes hepatitis C and using this system to revolutionize the treatment of this chronic disease. The award will be presented on September 23, 2016 in New York City. Established in 1945, the Lasker Award is the nation’s most distinguished honor for outstanding contributions to basic and clinical medical research. Eighty-seven Lasker laureates have received the Nobel Prize, including 41 in the last three decades. With Rice, 22 Lasker Award winners have been associated with The Rockefeller University.
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