Researchers Sequence First Genome of Myxini (Hagfish), the Only Large Vertebrate Lineage That Had No Reference Genome


An international scientific team made up of more than 40 authors from 7 different countries, led by Juan Pascual Anaya, PhD, a researcher at the University of Malaga (UMA) in Spain, has managed to sequence the first genome of the myxini – also known as “hagfish”–, the only large group of vertebrates for which there was no reference genome of any of its species yet. This finding, published January 12, 2024 in Nature Ecology & Evolution, has allowed deciphering the evolutionary history of genome duplications – number of times a genome is completely duplicated – that occurred in the ancestors of vertebrates, a group that comprises human beings. The article is titled “Hagfish Genome Sequence Sheds Light on Early Vertebrate Genome Evolution.”

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