Researchers Pioneer Safe Chemotherapy Methods for Treating Bacterial Infections

Antibiotic resistant bacteria are a threat to human lives, and yet the development of new drugs to treat bacterial infections is slow. A group of proven drugs used in cancer treatment for decades could possibly be the solution. A new class of antibiotics is now being developed by researchers at Linköping University in Sweden. Many drugs and drug candidates have proven highly effective in killing bacteria or tumor cells. The problem is that they also harm the patient, and they are therefore used very sparingly or not at all. When used to treat for instance cancer, they are delivered directly into the blood and spread throughout the body. But researchers at Linköping University (LiU) in Sweden are now developing a method to deliver strong compounds in a safer way, which they hope will open up new possibilities for treating various diseases. The method is described in an article published August 8,2023 in Journal of Controlled Release. The open-access article is titled Therapeutic-Oligonucleotides Activated by Nucleases (TOUCAN): A Nanocarrier System for the Specific Delivery of Clinical Nucleoside Analogues.”
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