Researchers Discover Serious Gene Defect in Inuit Populations; Seriously Ill Greenland Child Led Researchers to Identify Gene Defect Carried by 1 of 1,500 Inuits; Defect Means Children Cannot Produce Interferon; As Result, They Cannot Tolerate MMR Vaccine and Risk Dying from Influenza or Covid-19 or Other Viral Infections


A newly discovered gene defect among people of Inuit ancestry in Greenland, Canada, and Alaska will possibly lead to screening of all newborn Inuits as they will otherwise be at risk of dying from child vaccines or simple viral infections. The gene defect was discovered in close collaboration among researchers from Aarhus University (Denmark) and Newcastle University (UK), as well as pediatricians and clinical immunologists in Denmark, Greenland, Alaska, and Montreal in Canada. For several weeks, medical doctors at Rigshospitalet (Copenhaen) had difficulty diagnosing a very ill 22-month-old Greenlandic child. The child showed signs of meningitis, and there was also a suspicion of tuberculosis, which is relatively common in Greenland. The treatment did not work as intended and the child's condition was serious. So, the medical doctors contacted Professor Trine Hyrup Mogensen, MD, PhD, at the Department of Biomedicine at Aarhus University in March 2021.

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