Researchers Closing in on Genetic Treatments for Hereditary Lung Disease and Hereditary Vision Loss, Using Lipid Nanoparticle (Thiophene-Based) Delivery Vehicles

Researchers who work with tiny drug carriers known as lipid nanoparticles have developed a new type of material capable of reaching the lungs and the eyes, an important step toward genetic therapy for hereditary conditions like cystic fibrosis and inherited vision loss. Findings of the study led by Gaurav Sahay, PhD, and Yulia Eygeris, PhD, of the Oregon State University College of Pharmacy and Renee Ryals, PhD, of Oregon Health & Science University were published on March 4, 2024 in PNAS. The open-access article is titled Thiophene-Based Lipids for mRNA Delivery to Pulmonary and Retinal Tissues.”

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