ReNeuron Wins New Grant to Advance Its Exosome Therapy Platform

ReNeuron Group plc (the "Company") (AIM: RENE), a UK-based global leader in the development of cell-based therapeutics, was pleased to announce, on October 27, 2017, that it is the lead industry participant in a new grant award from the Welsh Government to advance its emerging exosome therapy platform. The grant has been awarded under the Welsh Government’s SMARTExpertise scheme and will help fund a £1.2 million (~$1.6 million) collaborative program of work to be undertaken by ReNeuron, Ig Innovations, and Swansea University Medical School. The work program will establish methods to refine and optimize the manufacturing process for generating ReNeuron’s CTX cell-derived exosomes with the highest biological efficacy, methods to enhance the characterization of the CTX-derived exosomes against solid tumors to identify new cancer targets, and methods to characterize exosomes with potential therapeutic benefit derived from ReNeuron’s broader proprietary cell line library. ReNeuron is exploiting its exosome therapy platform as a potential new nanomedicine targeting cancer and as a potential delivery system for drugs that would otherwise be unable to reach their site of action. The SMARTExpertise grant follows the award of a grant to ReNeuron last year from Innovate UK to develop manufacturing systems and to conduct pre-clinical testing relating to the Company’s exosome therapy platform. Commenting on the grant award, Dr. Randolph Corteling, Head of Research at ReNeuron, said: “We are delighted to have won this new grant under the Welsh Government’s SMARTExpertise scheme. As a Wales-based business, we are very pleased to be able to work with leading Welsh academic and industry collaborators in order to further progress development of our high-potential exosome therapy platform towards clinical application.”
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