Progeria Film (Premature Aging Syndrome) Wins Emmy

The Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) is thrilled to announce that Life According To Sam won the Emmy last week for "Exceptional Merit in Documentary Filmmaking." Congratulations to HBO Documentary Films, Sean Fine, and Andrea Nix Fine, and the entire talented, passionate team of people who have helped raise awareness of Progeria and PRF's work through this exceptional film. Sam continues to impact viewers every day with his lasting legacy of hope, determination and love. Watch the awards on Sunday, August 24 at 8 pm ET/PT on FXM; Click here ( and choose "Where to Watch" for local listings. Obtain a copy of the film Life According to Sam here ( and share it with a friend! As depicted in the film, one of Sam's greatest passions was music, and he realized his lifelong dream of being in his school's marching band. Keep Moving Forward ( was commissioned by the Foxborough Music Association in Sam's memory. It is based on Sam's life philosophy (, his enthusiasm, and the spirit of inclusion and solidarity his classmates showed him. "Keep Moving Forward" was part of Sam's philosophy for a happy life, and thanks to composer Mark Miller and other supporters, PRF is proud to provide the sheet music and full score for "Keep Moving Forward" at no cost to band directors. Visit ( for details.
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