PMWC President Tal Behar Leads Shout-Out to Atul Butte for Thought Leadership Award

Give a huge shout-out to Dr. Atul Butte, Institute Director and Distinguished Professor at UCSF, for receiving the prestigious AMIA William Stead Award for Thought Leadership in Informatics at the recent AMIA2023 Annual Symposium (November 11-15). Dr. Butte was recognized for his strategic contribution to thinking about applying biomedical and health informatics to transform health and health care at UCSF and the entire University of California Health System. We are also thrilled to announce that Dr. Atul Butte will be the recipient of the Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) Pioneer Award on January 25, 2024, 9 am in Track 2 for his outstanding contributions to precision medicine including analyzing large-scale biomedical data, uncovering novel insights to improve patient care, and impacting the field through research on big data analysis, drug repurposing, biomarker discovery, patient stratification, and data-driven clinical decision support.

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