PMWC 2019 Will Include Two Sessions on Real-World Evidence (RWE); World’s Premier Conference on Precision Medicine Will Take Place in California’s Silicon Valley Jan 20-23; Registration Still Open

The Precision Medicine World Conference 2019 (PMWC 2019) will be held January 20-23 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in California’s Silicon Valley and will include two sessions focused specifically on real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence RWE). These sessions will bring together top experts, including representatives from Qiagen and N-of-One (400 Speaker Program). Please see additional details on these PMWC sessions on RWD and RWE at the end of this note. Registration for this outstanding PMWC conference is still open and can be accomplished at this link ( In a January 15, 2019 PMWC release, Tal Behar, Co-Founder & President, PMWC Silicon Valley, noted that the FDA has created a framework for evaluating the use of RWE to support additional indications for approved drugs, as well as to satisfy drug post-marketing study requirements. This framework lays out the Agency’s approach to developing guidelines for using RWD in drug regulation. Qiagen announced last week that it has entered into an agreement to acquire N-of-One (both Qiagen & N-of-One will be presenting at PMWC 2019), a molecular decision support company and pioneer in clinical interpretation services for complex genomic data. N-of-One has built a proprietary somatic cancer database of more than 125,000 patient samples. Its technology helps pathologists create reports for clinicians that include genetic variant interpretation, DNA change, effect, and causative condition. RWE collected from a variety of sources offers new insights and opportunities to make better clinical decisions, understand clinical outcomes, and to enable better-informed regulatory decisions.
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