Personalized Medicine 10.0 Discusses Recent Milestones and Future of Discovery Impacting Precision Management of Human Health and Disease on June 2 in San Francisco

Since 2008, the Personalized Medicine Conference has addressed challenging themes in genomic health through presentations and discussions among prominent scientific leaders in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical communities. In partnership with San Francisco State University’s Department of Biology, SF State Alumni, and the City of South San Francisco, the conference has showcased world-class science and striven to be the bellwether of the latest and greatest in personalized, genomic, and precision medicine. The conference has also been a valued networking opportunity for students and accomplished professionals alike, mirroring similar meetings serving the professional Biotech community. On June 2, 2017, San Francisco State University’s Department of Biology will host Personalized Medicine 10.0, a look back at the best topics and speakers over the last decade. The title for the upcoming meeting, (“Has It Changed Your Life?”) will review past conference topics, assess predictions of the past, and look to the future of personalized medicine in the coming decades. Aside from the stunning science itself, a wide variety of topics have been addressed, including clinical advances and applications, study design, business opportunities, regulatory issues, and the ethical and cultural impacts of personalized medicine. This year, the conference will revisit themes in bioinformatics, data management, oncology, epigenetics, genomics of rare diseases, nth-generation sequencing technologies, the microbiome, unprecedented developments in gene therapy and genome editing, and will project where the business and science of personalized medicine will be in the future.
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