Parse Biosciences Launches Whole Transcriptome Kit to Dramatically Scale Single-Cell Sequencing

On February 18, 2021, Parse Biosciences (, a company providing researchers with scalable and flexible single-cell sequencing solutions, announced the launch of its Single Cell Whole Transcriptome Kit. The kit, which was previously available only through Parse’s early-access program, is now generally available to all researchers in North America. The Whole Transcriptome Kit from Parse Biosciences contains everything needed to run a single-cell experiment with 100,000 cells across 48 samples, the company states. Previously, according to Parse, single-cell sequencing solutions demanded that researchers invest in expensive lab equipment to get started. Now, with the launch of Parse Bioscience’s Whole Transcriptome Kit, researchers have a reliable and scalable, end-to-end single cell sequencing technology that utilizes only basic lab equipment, the company states. “For too long, labs have been held back by technologies that not only compromise on data quality, but which also don’t scale to match researchers’ ambitions,” said Alex Rosenberg, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO of Parse. “Through our Whole Transcriptome Kit, we support researchers who are taking on some of the most challenging problems in biology--spanning neuroscience, immunology, and beyond. We provide them with a technology that is more scalable and offers higher resolution than anything else on the market, including droplet-based solutions.” Since the company’s pioneering paper on SPLiT-seq published in Science in 2018 (, Parse Biosciences has continued to refine its technology.
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