Opening Day of American Association of Extracellular Vesicles (AAEV) Annual Meeting 2023 in Boston (October 27-29)

Friday’s opening day (October 27) of the Annual Meeting of the American Association of Extracellular Vesicles in Boston featured four full scientific sessions and two rounds of lightning 3-minute presentations. Session 1 focused on cutting-edge technologies to study EVs and their contents. The session was moderated by Brian Li from UT MD Anderson Cancer Center. The first talk was delivered by Tijana Talisman, PhD, City of Hope, who spoke on single extracellular vesicle nanoscopy. She was followed by Justus Ndukaife, PhD, Vanderbilt University, who spoke on next-generation optical nanotweezers: a new era in extracellular vesicles and particles heterogeneity studies. Next was Shannon Stott, PhD, Harvard Medical School/Mass General Hospital, who described cell-specific EV isolation in cancer and Covid. She was followed by Daniel Chiu, PhD, University of Washington who spoke on digital flow cytometry for the high-throughput multiplexed analysis of single extracellular vesicles and particles. Next came Kendall Jensen, PhD, TGEN, who discussed extracellular vesicles for diagnosis of diseases of the central nervous system. She was followed by Dirk Dittmer, PhD, University of North Carolina, describing direct evidence for distinct domains on the surface of extracellular vesicles.

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