Opening a New Front Against Pancreatic Cancer

A new type of investigational therapeutic in development for pancreatic cancer has shown unprecedented tumor-fighting abilities in preclinical models of the disease, suggesting it has the potential to offer novel treatment options for nearly all pancreatic tumors, a comprehensive study has found. The inhibitors in this new class of oral medications, being developed by Revolution Medicines Inc., target the oncogenic or active cancer-causing form of RAS proteins (such as KRAS, NRAS, and HRAS). These RAS “oncoproteins” drive up to a third of all human cancers. The research findings—conducted by a consortium of academic researchers led by Columbia scientists and the scientific team at Revolution Medicines—were published in a paper appearing on April 8, 2024 in Nature. The article is titled “Tumor-Selective Activity of RAS-GTP Inhibition in Pancreatic Cancer.”
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