Ongoing Effort to Develop New, Inexpensive Way to Heal Chronic Wounds; An MSU-Led Team Is Developing Biopolymer Dressing To Heal Injuries Like Diabetic Foot Ulcers That Affect Millions of Patients All Over the World

Tens of millions of patients around the world suffer from persistent and potentially life-threatening wounds. These chronic wounds, which are also a leading cause of amputation, have treatments, but the cost of existing wound dressings can prevent them from reaching people in need. Now, a Michigan State University (MSU) researcher is leading an international team of scientists to develop a low-cost, practical biopolymer dressing that helps heal these wounds. "The existing efficient technologies are far too expensive for most health care systems, greatly limiting their use in a timely manner," said Morteza Mahmoudi, PhD, an Assistant Professor in the Michigan State University College of Human Medicine and the Precision Health Program. "An economically accessible, practical, and effective technology is needed." To develop that new technology, Dr. Mahmoudi tapped into years of experience and expertise, having studied advanced materials to heal heart tissue, fight infections, and support immune systems. But the team also kept an eye on cost, working to develop a product that could be made available to as many patients as possible, even in resource-constrained markets.

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