OncoHost Announces Interim Results from PROPHETIC Trial, Multicenter Assessment of NSCLC Patient Response to Immunotherapy; Proteomic & AI Analysis of One Blood Test Can Predict Response to Treatment for NSCLC

On January 12,2022, OncoHost, a global leader in next-generation precision oncology for improved personalized cancer therapy, announced results from its ongoing multicenter clinical trial, PROPHETIC. These interim results confirm that through proteomic and AI analysis of just one blood test before treatment, OncoHost's AI platform, PROphet®, can predict response to cancer treatment for non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients with remarkably high accuracy at three months, six months, and one year. "These results are statistically and clinically significant, giving us great hope for the future of precision oncology. The value that this validation will provide, both to cancer patients and their clinicians, is insurmountable," said Ofer Sharon, MD, MBA, CEO of OncoHost. "With just one blood test pre-treatment, we will now be empowered with a level of knowledge that is currently non-existent. Understanding the response probability trajectory for a full twelve months before treatment initiation, combined with insights on resistance associated pathways and proteins, has the potential to allow physicians to make critical clinical decisions earlier, all based on personalized patient data."  

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