Novel Drug Promotes Nervous System Repair in Animal Models of Stroke; May Be “Substantial Breakthrough”

Dr. Agnes (Yu) Luo
A ground-breaking new study from University of Cincinnati (UC) scientists and collaborators shows promise that a new drug may help repair damage caused by strokes. Researchers from UC and Case Western Reserve University published the preclinical study in the journal Cell Reports July 26, 2022. The article is titled “Inhibition of CSPG Receptor PTPσ Promotes Migration of Newly Born Neuroblasts, Axonal Sprouting, and Recovery from Stroke.” Currently, there are no FDA-approved drugs to repair the damage caused by a stroke. The study found that a drug called NVG-291-R enables nervous system repair and significant functional recovery in an animal model of severe ischemic stroke. Genetic deletion of the molecular target of the drug also shows similar effect on neural stem cells.  
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