New Study Identifies Genes Most Likely to Lead to Heart Attacks; 162 Genes Are Prioritized According to Associated Risk of Causing Heart Disease; One of Top Two Risk Genes Is PHACTR1

The most critical genes that cause coronary heart disease and trigger heart attacks have been identified in a major new study. The research, from a team at the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, the Icahn School of Medicine at New York’s Mount Sinai, and other sites in Europe and the USA, was published on February 1, 2022 in the journal Circulation: Genomic and Precision Medicine. The open-access article is titled “Integrative Prioritization of Causal Genes for Coronary Artery Disease.” The results pave the way for a whole new field of targeted therapies for those at risk of coronary heart disease--the world's biggest killer. Executive Director of the Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute, Professor Jason Kovacic, MD, PhD, was senior author on the paper and says the study achieved three major breakthroughs, all of which are of key importance in the fight against heart disease.

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