New Predictors of Metastasis in Patients with Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer

David Lyden, MD, PhD
Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine, with an international team, have used liver biopsies to identify cellular and molecular markers that can potentially be used to predict whether and when pancreatic cancer will spread to an individual’s liver or elsewhere, such as the lung. The study, published on June 28, 2024 in Nature Medicine, proposes that information from a liver biopsy—a small tissue sample collected for lab analysis—when pancreatic cancer is diagnosed may help guide doctors in personalizing treatment, such as liver-directed immunotherapies, before cancer cells have the chance to metastasize. The article is titled “Multi-Parametric Atlas of the Pre-Metastatic Liver for Prediction of Metastatic Outcome in Early-Stage Pancreatic Cancer.”
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