Mursla Granted Patent for Novel Nanoelectronics Detection System for Exosomes; Unique Technology Harnesses Promising Diagnostic Power of Exosomes & Demonstrates Potential Application for Detection of Many Diseases, Including Cancer

On October 20, 2021, Mursla, a liquid biopsy company, announced that it has been granted patent GB 2583550B for its novel nanoelectronics-based sensitive detection method for exosomes. Exosomes, usually 50-150 nm in diameter, are heterogenous vesicles naturally secreted by cells during their lives. Exosomes have been shown to reflect the state of their cellular sources, transporting specific ‘-omics’ information (proteins, lipids, nucleic acids, and metabolites) either locally or to distant sites via the circulatory system. Their content is conveniently accessible via the sampling of biological fluids (liquid biopsies), including blood draws.

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