Moonwalk Biosciences Launches with $57 Million in Financing to Advance a New Class of Precision Epigenetic Medicines

On January 4, 2024, Moonwalk Biosciences, a genomic medicine company pioneering precision epigenetic medicines, announced the completion of $57 million in seed and Series A financing from Alpha Wave Ventures, ARCH Venture Partners, Future Ventures, GV, Khosla Ventures, and YK Bioventures. The financing will support continued advancement of Moonwalk’s epigenetic profiling and engineering technology platform and progress its pipeline of epigenetic therapeutics towards the clinic. By targeting the epigenetic code – the software of the genome – Moonwalk aims to reprogram cells to their healthy state, fundamentally enabling a new approach to how therapies are discovered and developed. Moonwalk is the first company that couples an epigenetic discovery platform with precise engineering – opening up the epigenome as a new target space for complex diseases. Moonwalk’s focus on epigenetic engineering leverages comprehensive read-and-write technologies to develop potentially curative therapies for a variety of different diseases at the root cause level.

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