Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference in San Francisco March 6-11; BioQuick News Is a Media Sponsor

The Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2016 is scheduled to take place in San Francisco from March 6 to March 11. If you are working in diagnostics and drug discovery, this is perhaps the must-attend event of the year. Attracting over 3,300 drug discovery and development professionals from over 40 countries in 2015, the Tri-Conference has grown into a diverse event, focusing on Molecular Medicine, specifically on Discovery, Genomics, Diagnostics, and Information Technology. With a 23-year history, this year’s expanded coverage includes additional programs on Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Disease, Precision Medicine, and Cancer Immunotherapy, as well as new symposia on Companion Diagnostics and on the Commercialization of Molecular Diagnostics. You will have the opportunity to listen to many of the over-500 speakers from across all industries, all research fields, and from all over the world. A link to the registration page for the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference is provided below, as are links to the current speaker list and to the Event-at-a-Glance brochure. BioQuick News is an official media sponsor of the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference 2016. Other media sponsors of Tri-Conference 2016 include Science, Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News, The Scientist, and BioIT World. A link to the list of media sponsors is also provided below. [Registration] [Speaker List] [Event-at-a-Glance] [Media Sponsors]
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