“Metabolomic and Genomic Prediction of 12 Common Diseases in Half a Million Individuals from Three National Biobanks” ASHG Platform Presentation

Jeffrey Barrett, PhD

ASHG Abstract Presented by Jeffrey Barrett, PhD, Nightingale Health Biobank Collaborative Group; Nightingale Health, Helsinki, Finland.

The following is a significant abstract released on Saturday, November 4, during the Annual American Association of Human Genetics meeting (ASHG 2023), being held in Washington, DC, November 1-5. In their abstract, Dr. Barrett and colleagues say the following:

“Life expectancy is increasing faster than healthy life expectancy, leading to individuals in high-income countries living more years restricted by chronic diseases. Healthcare systems face a cost crisis as they try to provide an increasingly wide range of transformative but expensive treatments to the older, sicker populations. Better prevention, to complement new treatments, is essential to provide healthier lives and sustainable healthcare. Polygenic scores have received most attention, but there is also an opportunity to combine genetics with other easily measured biomarkers.”

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