Merkin Prize in Biomedical Technology Awarded to F. William Studier for Development of Widely Used Protein- and RNA-Production Platform

The $400,000 award recognizes the far-reaching medical impacts of Studier’s development, in the 1980s, of an efficient and scalable technology to produce mass amounts of RNA and proteins in laboratories that is widely used today all over the world. 

F. William Studier, PhD

F. William Studier of Brookhaven National Laboratory has won the second annual Richard N. Merkin Prize in Biomedical Technology for his development of an efficient, scalable method of producing RNA and proteins in the laboratory. His T7 expression technology can be used to make large quantities of nearly any RNA or protein and has been for decades, and continues to be, a mainstay of biomedical research and pharmaceutical production. The approach has been used to produce numerous therapeutics, diagnostics, and vaccines — including the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines credited with extending millions of lives in recent years. “F. William Studier’s brilliant work on the T7 system transformed biomedicine, saving millions of lives globally and improving the chances for further research that will change healthcare delivery,” said Dr. Richard Merkin, CEO and Founder of Heritage Provider Network, one of the country’s largest physician-owned integrated health care systems. “His work exemplifies why I created this prize initiative that honors and showcases amazing innovators like Bill. I’m honored to be celebrating his remarkable achievements.”

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