Madison, Wisconsin–Home of BioQuick News–Named #2 Best US City for Successful Aging

If you wish to keep your telomeres long and attain a long & healthy old age, Madison, Wisconsin, may be the perfect place for you. This thriving midwest city of ~250,000 has just been named the #2 in the “Best Cities for Successful Aging” 2017 ranking in the large metropolitan areas category by the prestigious Milken Institute ( The Madison area is the global headquarters for Epic Systems (electronic health information), Promega Corporation(biotech products), and BioQuick Online News (breaking news in life science). Other well-known cities on the Milken list included Boston (#9) and San Francisco (#10). Provo-Orem, Utah was ranked #1. On March 14, 2017, the influential Milken Institute released the third edition of its "Best Cities for Successful Aging" report and index, (, a collaboration between the Institute's Center for the Future of Aging and its Research Department. The report evaluates 381 U.S. metropolitan areas to determine how well they serve the needs of the nation's growing population of mature adults, enabling them to age productively, securely, and in optimal health. More than 80 percent of Americans age 65-plus live in metropolitan areas, and nearly 90 percent of older adults in the U.S. want to age in their homes and communities. Thus, the "Best Cities for Successful Aging" index is not intended to identify the locales to which older adults should retire. Instead, the index and report are designed to highlight the nation's most livable metropolitan areas—those that enable an optimal quality of life for their aging citizens. "Cities are on the front lines of the largest demographic shift in history," said Paul Irving, Chairman of the Milken Institute’s Center for the Future of Aging.
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