Long-Lived Fishes in Arizona Desert May Hold Clues to Longevity

Fish hatched during WWI in Iowa and sent to Arizona by railcar are still alive—and they may have a lot to teach us about longevity

by Science Writer Kim Woolcock

Only ~35 animal species are known to have lifespans longer than 100 years, and most of them are unrelated. Only the genus Sebastes, ocean rockfishes, contains more than three long-lived species. Now a citizen–science collaboration has identified three species of buffalofishes, all in the genus Ictiobus, thatlive to be over 100 years old. The open-access paper “Centenarian Lifespans of Three Freshwater Fish Species in Arizona Reveal the Exceptional Longevity of the Buffalofishes (Ictiobus)” by Lackmann et al. was published in Scientific Reports on October 20, 2023.

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