Kindle Books Available on AACR 2024 Annual Cancer Meeting

A Kindle e-book and paperback version on the AACR 2024 Annual Cancer meeting are now available on Amazon’s site. The different formats have identical content, which is summaries of a selection of 27 of the most interesting presentations delivered at the global conference, which was attended by 23,000 (scientists/physicians/students/industry/press). The books provide a gateway into the latest research and clinical advances for those who could not attend the conference (the AACR has over 58,000 members, so 35,000 members did not attend the conference and could greatly benefit from the Kindle summaries). The Kindle summaries also offer a handy resource for attendees who could not possibly get to all the exciting presentations. The summaries were written by award-winning science writer Michael O’Neill, Editor & Publisher, BioQuick News, who attended the conference virtually. Note that the summaries have also been translated into Japanese and are available as both a Kindle e-book and a paperback on Amazon’s Japan web site.

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