Ketamine Therapy Has Swift Short-Term Effect on Reducing Symptoms of Depression and Suicidal Thoughts, According to Comprehensive Review of All Available Evidence

Ketamine therapy has a swift short-term effect on reducing symptoms of depression and suicidal thoughts, according to a recent systematic review of all the available evidence. The review was led by the University of Exeter and funded by the Medical Research Council and it analyzed evidence from 83 published research papers. The strongest evidence emerged around the use of ketamine to treat both major depression and bipolar depression. Symptoms were reduced as swiftly as one to four hours after a single treatment, and lasted up to two weeks. Some evidence suggested that repeated treatment may prolong the effects, however more high-quality research is needed to determine by how long. Similarly, single or multiple doses of ketamine resulted in moderate to large reductions in suicidal thoughts. This improvement was seen as early as four hours following ketamine treatment and lasted on average three days, and up to a week.

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