Johan Skog, CSO of Exosome Diagnostics, Will Discuss Exosome RNA for Biomarker Development and Clinical Applications of Exosome Biomarkers in Free Webinar on Tuesday, October 6, 11 AM EDT

A free, live-broadcast webinar on exosome RNA biomarkers will be presented on Tuesday, October 6, 2015, beginning at 11 am EDT. In a 90-minute presentation, industry expert Dr. Johan Skog, Chief Scientific Officer and Founding Scientist at Exosome Diagnostics, will discuss the exosome composition, different sources of RNA in biofluids, and approaches to isolate them. Following this overview, he will speak about clinical applications of exosome biomarkers. To learn more about this free event, and to register for it, please visit: Discovery and validation of biomarkers has traditionally required the use of tissue for analysis of RNA, DNA or protein. This has been especially true for RNA-based biomarkers, because RNase degradation of free RNA makes translation of tissue-based biomarkers into blood based tests highly problematic. However, the discovery that exosomes found in biofluids contain stable, disease-specific RNA, represents a potential paradigm shift for biomarker discovery and development. Exosome RNA can be used to monitor tumor-derived mutations in biofluids, but can also be used to monitor RNA levels reflective of different signaling pathways (including mRNA, miRNA, lncRNA and other types of RNA). In addition, exosome RNA can be used to monitor cell activities resulting in fusions and RNA splice variants that cannot be measured on circulating free tumor DNA. Dr. Johan Skog is a renowned, well-published thought leader in exosome science, having pioneered breakthrough discoveries about exosomes and other microvesicles and their vital role as cell messengers and disease proliferators. While at Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Dr.
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