Israel-Based Company Develops Scalable, Cost-Effective, Sustainable Solution for Production of Microalgae-Biomass

Novel and scalable technology and a production process combining algal biomass cultivation, harvesting, and concentration, as well as extraction and fractionation of fatty acids from the biomass, result in the ability to offer high-quality feedstock for various industries at a highly competitive price. UniVerve Ltd. (UniVerve), a company headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel, has begun scaling-up its novel technological process, which is expected to change the feedstock market in various industries, such as food, feed, and biofuel, which are forced to look for alternative feedstock due to the increasing price of current raw materials. A description of UniVerve’s technology is offered in an article published in the June & September 2015 of the journal Technology. The article is titled “A Novel Technology to Produce Microalgae Biomass As Feedstock for Biofuel, Food, Feed, and More.” While microalgae-oil was perceived as the preferred feedstock to supply the inelastic global demand for biofuel, industry and academia attempts to create viable microalgae-oil production processes have not reached the desired goal yet. In the meantime, UniVerve has developed an innovative technological process that provides a scalable, cost effective, and sustainable solution for the production of microalgae-biomass. The oil, which can be extracted with off-the-shelf wet extraction technologies and used as an excellent feedstock for all kinds of biofuel, is expected to be produced at up to 50 dollars per barrel (equal to the current market price of crude fossil oil). As the biomass contains also omega-3 fatty acids, proteins, and other valuable biomaterials that can be commercialized in the food and feed markets, a microalgae farm can serve the biofuel, food, and feed industries, which face an increasing lack of quality feedstock at an affordable price.
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