Investigators Report First Disclosures of 12 Novel Agents During Three Special “New Drugs on the Horizon” Sessions at AACR Annual Meeting

Organized by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) Chemistry in Cancer Research working group, this year’s three “New Drugs on the Horizon” sessions featured first disclosures of the discovery and structure of 12 novel agents—both small molecules and biologics—that have recently entered, or imminently will enter, into phase I clinical trials for the treatment of cancer. These sessions were part of the AACR 2022 Annual Meeting, April 8-13 in New Orleans. The annual meeting sessions can be viewed on the virtual platform by registered meeting participants through July 13, 2022. Registration can be done here. Over 19,000 scientists and physicians registered for this premier cancer conference, with ~80% (~15,200) attending in person and ~20% (~3,800) attending virtually. The AACR has over 50,000 members worldwide.

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