International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting, Including Exosomes, July 20-22: Plenary Speakers, Panel Sessions, Oral Abstract Talks, Poster Chats, & Educational Sessions; FOCUS: PANEL SESSIONS

The International Society for ExtracellularVesicles (ISEV) AnnualMeeting (ISEV2020), Including #Exosomes, Is Now VIRTUAL (July 20-22); and will feature over 600 Discussions (Plenary Addresses, Panel Sessions, Oral Abstract Talks, Poster Chats, & Educational Sessions). The program can viewed here ( and registration can be done here ( As eminent Yale professor Philip Askenase, MD, has said, “Exosomes are a sensational biological discovery and they seem to be involved in nearly all biological and clinical processes.” Please attend the virtual ISEV 2020 meeting to learn more about these fascinating and immensely important tiny particles. The 2020 virtual meeting will feature four live panel sessions which will offer presentations by experts in the field, followed by moderated half-hour Q&A/panel discussions. The topics of the four panel discussions are “EV Heterogeneity,” “EVs in Liquid Biopsy (Diagnostics/Biomarkers),” “Extracellular RNA,” and “In Vivo Approaches to Understanding EV Function.” Details on these four panel discussion sessions and the speakers who will be presenting are given below. PANEL 1--EV HETEROGENEITY
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