International Society for Extracellular Vesicles (ISEV) 2020 Virtual Annual Meeting, Including Exosomes, July 20-22: Plenary Speakers, Panel Sessions, Featured Abstracts, Oral Abstracts, Poster Chats, & Educational Sessions; FOCUS: 19 MEETING SPONSORS

The International Society for ExtracellularVesicles (ISEV) AnnualMeeting (ISEV2020), Including Exosomes, Is Now VIRTUAL (July 20-22); and will feature over 600 Discussions (Plenary Addresses, Panel Sessions, Featured Abstracts, Oral Abstract Talks, Poster Chats, & Education Sessions). The program can viewed here ( and registration can be done here ( As Philip Askenase, MD, eminent Yale Medical School Professor and 30-Year Chief of Allergy & Immunology there, has said, “Exosomes are a sensational biological discovery and they seem to be involved in nearly all biological and clinical processes.” This year’s ISEV annual virtual meeting is being sponsored by a total of 19 companies ( that are keenly interested in the potential of EVs for a wide variety of applications. A list of the ISEV 2020 sponsoring companies, including links to each company’s web site is provided below. Please note that BioQuick News, which will be covering the ISEV 2020 virtual annual meeting, is one of the Bronze Sponsors of this important meeting. PLATINUM SPONSORS: FujiFilm (, Izon (, NanoFCM (, NanoView Biosciences (, Particle Metrix (, and RoosterBio ( GOLD SPONSORS: Beckman Coulter (, Luminex (, Malvern Panalytical (, Myriade (, and Streck (
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