Innovative 5-Year Dyslexia Study Being Launched

A unique research project on developmental dyslexia is being launched at the Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology in Warsaw, Poland. The new effort is aimed at examining different factors responsible for development of the reading disorder. At a time when people are dominated by intensive mass media, dyslexia becomes even more burdensome. Problems with decoding and comprehending words make it difficult for people with dyslexia, not only to read books, papers or maps, but also to use computer, smartphones, email, or internet. Researchers from the Nencki Institute have been studying reading difficulties for many years now. A natural follow-up to their their work is the planned pioneering research on the causes of dyslexia in children and its treatment, for which the team led by Professor Anna Grabowska received a prestigious MAESTRO grant from the Polish National Science Centre ( The aim of the new project that will be conducted at the Nencki Institute is to achieve a better understanding of the mechanisms responsible for the development of reading disorders in children, with the long-term goal of establishing new methods for early diagnosis and more effective treatment directed at the cause of dyslexia in each individual. Warsaw researchers intend to examine, in two waves, 530 pupils of the first five primary school classes, including both at-risk-of-dyslexia children and typically developing ones. The researchers are still recruiting participants via website Developmental dyslexia occurs in approximately 12% of the population and it does not improve with age or time.
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