How Ketogenic Diet Improves Healthspan and Memory in Aging Mice

The insight into mechanisms provides new targets for improving memory that may not even require a ketogenic diet

The ketogenic diet has its fanatics and detractors among dieters, but either way, the diet has a scientifically documented impact on memory in mice. While uncovering how the high fat, low carbohydrate diet boosts memory in older mice, Scientists at Buck Institute for Research on Aging and a team from the University of Chile identified a new molecular signaling pathway that improves synapse function and helps explain the diet’s benefit on brain health and aging. Published in the June 5, 2024 issue of Cell Reports Medicine, the findings provide new directions for targeting the memory effects on a molecular level, without requiring a ketogenic diet or even the byproducts of it. The open-access article is titled “Ketogenic Diet Administration Later in Life Improves Memory by Modifying the Synaptic Cortical Proteome Via the PKA Signaling Pathway in Aging Mice.”
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