Happy Holidays from BioQuick News !

BioQuick News wishes all its loyal readers a happy and joy-filled holiday season. The publication is proud of its four consecutive APEX Publishing Excellence Awards and its wide readership in over 160 countries around the world. In addition, our Japanese edition is thriving thanks to the great efforts of Yoshi Obata of BioAssociates in Tokyo and we anticipate adding exciting new features in the new year, as well as establishing possible new partnerships. We also wish to thank Philip Zee, our IT professional, who keeps BioQuick News up and running. We would also like to thank eminent nucleic acid chemist Dr. Gerald Zon of TriLink BioTechnologies for allowing us to highlight features of his far-ranging biweekly blog in our publication. BioQuick currently includes almost 1,500 keyword-searchable articles on major life science advances in the last four years. As always, we welcome suggestions and comments from our readers at logophile2000@yahoo.com. Have a happy holiday and wonderful new year!
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