Gut Microbiome Changes Linked to Precancerous Colon Polyps

A new study by investigators from Mass General Brigham has linked certain types of gut bacteria to the development of precancerous colon polyps. Their results were published on April 30, 2023 in Cell Host & Microbe. The article is titled “Association of Distinct Microbial Signatures with Premalignant Colorectal Adenomas.” "Researchers have done a lot of work to understand the relationship between the gut microbiome and cancer. But this new study is about understanding the microbiome's influence on precancerous polyps," said co-corresponding author Daniel C. Chung, MD, Medical Co-Director of the Center for Cancer Risk Assessment at the Mass General Cancer Center and a faculty member of the Gastroenterology Division. "Through the microbiome, we potentially have an opportunity to intervene and prevent colorectal cancer from forming."
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