Global Liquid Biopys Market Expected to Crest $1 Billion by End of 2020; Report Available

The recent discovery of liquid biopsy technology and its wide applicability have sparked significant interest among researchers, as well as among key commercial players. Owing to the same, there are numerous clinical trials being organized all over the world to assess the potential of liquid biopsy in various fields such as cancer, prenatal screening, and organ transplant monitoring. As indicated by a new estimation presented in a February 2016 report from the RNCOS business consultancy group, the global liquid biopsy industry is expected to cross the $1 billion mark by the end of 2020, as new products, especially those in the advanced stage of clinical studies or with pending approvals, might enter the market to support the development. According to the new RNCOS research report, which is entitled “Global Liquid Biopsy Market Outlook to 2020,” a major focus has been on the development of innovative products based on different technologies and different sample types. In this context, the study provides present and future outlooks for the two broad categories of liquid biopsy market; by technology and by sample type. The technologies comprise the three marker categories that dominate liquid biopsy today: circulating tumor cells (CTCs), circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA), and extracellular vesicles (ECVs), including exosomes. On the other hand, the sample types include the two major bodily fluid samples: blood and urine. According to the report, blood is the most widely used sample type, and is expected to remain the largest market based on sample type in the coming years as well. The report also includes a detailed pipeline analysis of upcoming liquid biopsy products, along with the sample type utilized.
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