Forensic Analysis of Lethal Wounds to King Richard III at Battle of Bosworth Field in 1485; Film Footage of Forensic Analysis Is Available

New film footage revealing, for the first time, details of the potential killer blow that claimed the life of King Richard III has been released by the University of Leicester. The sequence, showing the dramatic injury to the base of the skull, as well as to the inside of the top of the skull, is part of a package of films charting the scientific and archaeological investigations led by the project team from the University of Leicester. It is among 26 sequences taken by University video producer Carl Vivian who is chronicling the key events in the Discovery, Science, and Reburial of the last Plantagenet king. These sequences are accessible to the media by contacting Carl Vivian (details below). Among the sequences, there is one that has never been released before, and shows the moment when Professor Guy Rutty of East Midlands Forensic Pathology Unit, based at the University of Leicester, found the potential killer blow. Drawing on 19 years of experience as a Home Office Forensic Pathologist, Professor Rutty examined the skull and linked marks on the vertebra, the smaller of the two wounds to the base of the skull and a mark on the inside of the skull, suggesting that the weapon had been thrust up from the base of Richard's neck and into his head. Professor Rutty said: "I approached this examination as that of any patient - just because he was a King did not make a difference. Everyone is treated the same with the same doctor/patient relationship, the same respect in death and the same level of professional investigation. "The key to this sequence is that alongside my role at the University of Leicester, I am a Home office forensic pathologist. Thus, I was able to look at the large injury in the base of the skull and, through experience, I was able to identify the key injury.
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