Factorial Diagnostics & IncellDx Sign Exclusive License for Novel in Situ Library Prep for Subsequent Next-Generation DNA Sequencing

On August 6, 2020, Factorial Diagnostics (https://www.factorialdx.com/) and IncellDx (https://incelldx.com/) announced that they have agreed to terms on an exclusive license and supply agreement for technology that will enable the development of their multi-omic, cancer diagnostic workflow. The San Carlos based start-up Factorial Diagnostics, is utilizing IncellDX's new reagent, IncellMax-Seq™, to perform in situ library preparation for Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) applications. The collaboration will enable simultaneous immunophenotyping capabilities, along with unequivocal cell pre-identification. Factorial's proprietary front-end technology will be compatible with a number of cell isolation strategies, including fluorescence-activated and microfluidic cell sorting. John Wells, CEO and Co-Founder of Factorial Diagnostics, commented, "Current bulk, NGS-based cancer diagnostic tests are losing valuable phenotypic information during library prep. With this collaboration, Factorial aims to preserve that critical phenotypic information in order to increase clinical sensitivity and enable more precise therapeutic approaches." Bruce Patterson MD, CEO and Founder of IncellDx, added, "IncellDx is continuing to advance intracellular molecular biology with its unique IncellMAX-Seq™ reagent which allows access to the inside of the cell, while allowing simultaneous, unequivocal identification of the cell. IncellDx is excited to enter the sequencing space with a technology that will greatly complement our current portfolio of clinical cancer assays. Factorial Diagnostics and IncellDX have agreed to terms, but no specific terms of the agreement were disclosed. Factorial Diagnostics is a seed-stage molecular diagnostics company focused on developing high-resolution, multi-omic cancer diagnostic workflows.
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