Fabric Genomics Is Selected by Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard in Implementation of Clinical Whole Genome Sequencing Offering

On March 8, 2022, Fabric Genomics, Inc., announced that the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard has selected the company to support the development and implementation of Broad’s clinical whole genome sequencing-based offerings. As part of the agreement, Fabric Genomics will provide the AI-based clinical decision support platform used to support the interpretation of clinical whole genomes and generate patient reports. The collaborators will launch the clinical whole genome interpretation service as part of clinical utility studies with a national healthcare system. Fabric’s AI-powered clinical decision support platform includes Fabric ACE and Fabric GEM, two proprietary technologies that support highly accurate variant detection while providing measurable time savings and significantly lower analysis costs. The clinical analysis services are powered by a world-class team of variant interpretation geneticists who have interpreted over 10,000 clinical cases in 2021 alone.

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