Exosome Market Dynamics Report (Part III) Published by GEN; “Study of Exosomes in Various Disease Classes—Cancer and Beyond”

“Exosome Market Dynamics, Part III--Study of Exosomes in Various Disease Classes—Cancer and Beyond” produced by Select Biosciences was published on July 21, 2015 by Genetic Engineering & Technology News (GEN). Authored by Gary Oosta, Ph.D., and Enal Razvi, Ph.D., this report represents the third of a series of three reports on the exosome marketplace that GEN has published (note the link to all three full reports are provided at the end of this article. In this last report, Select Biosciences examines studies of the involvement of exosomes in various classes of diseases. According to GEN’s announcement of the report, cancer is the driver of the broader exosome space, driven in large part by the study of exosomes and their cargo as potential biomarkers for cancer. In addition to cancer, other disease classes such as cardiovascular disease as well as CNS diseases are being impacted by exosomes, as evidenced by the publication record. This suggests, GEN states, that the field of exosome research is broadening and potentially can impact various diseases. The large potential opportunity emanating from all the body of research on exosomes is that the potential exists to capture and analyze exosomes from biological fluids in the hope of identifying the cargo contained within the exosomes, with the explicit aim to understand basic cell-cell communication, but also seek to develop diagnostics that leverage the power of exosomes as carriers of circulating biomarkers. Taken together, GEN says, the report’s broad-brush analysis of the entire publications record of exosomes research suggests that the field of exosomes research is now moving from the purely research phased to entering the realm of clinical translation, where studies are being performed to harvest and capture the full potential of exosomes across various disease classes.
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