Evox Therapeutics Expands Existing Exosome Patent Portfolio with Further Grant Covering Exosomes for RNA Therapeutics

On July 15, 2020, Evox Therapeutics Ltd, a leading exosome therapeutics company, is pleased to announce that the company has been granted a key patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). This newly issued patent adds to the expanding foundational patent estate held by Evox and further reinforces the company's position within the field of exosome-mediated RNA drug delivery. The recently issued US patent (U.S. Patent 10,704,047) provides broad coverage for pharmaceutical compositions comprising exosomes containing nucleic acid-based therapeutics, such as RNAi agents and antisense oligonucleotides, which have been loaded by electroporation. Per Lundin, PhD, Chief Operating Officer of Evox, commented: "We are very pleased to have been granted another foundational patent, reflecting our scientific and IP leadership in the exosome therapeutics space. This is another significant development that gives Evox dominant coverage in exosome-mediated RNA delivery, as well as key steps in the manufacturing process." Antonin de Fougerolles, PhD, Chief Executive Officer of Evox, added: "Over the past decade, Evox has built an unrivaled global patent estate with broad and deep coverage of the key applications of exosome therapeutics. This recent grant represents a great addition of our IP position and further reinforces Evox's leading position as the partner of choice in the field of exosome therapeutics." Evox Therapeutics is a privately held, Oxford UK-based biotechnology company focused on harnessing and engineering the natural delivery capabilities of extracellular vesicles, known as exosomes, to develop an entirely new class of therapeutics.
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